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Why Sealing is important

While it is true that concrete needs very little maintenance relative to other building materials, periodically sealing your concrete will help to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Additionally, concrete sealing can improve the appearance. Sealers protect against a host of threats to your concrete including weather elements such as saltwater, rain, dirt, and sunlight. They also protect against fading, general wear and tear, oil spills, grease, tire marks, abrasions, and mold or mildew. The list goes on, so it is easy to see why sealing your concrete is worth it.

If you want the best concrete sealers in town then hire us for the job. We offer concrete sealers for driveways, concrete floor sealers, stamped concrete sealers, colored concrete sealers and so much more. Our company will ensure your product will stand up to the test of time and weather.  

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How Often Does Concrete Need to be sealed?

This is a good question and always important to keep in mind to protect the durability and appearance of your concrete. How often you seal your concrete depends on several factors including how frequently it is used, where you live, and the location of the concrete to name a few. Exterior concrete surfaces should be sealed more frequently because they are exposed to weather elements like UV rays, salt, freezing, thawing, rain, heat, etc. The more extreme the weather changes, the less time you should allow to pass between waterproof concrete sealer applications. A general rule of thumb is to seal your concrete every 2-5 years. You can always consult our Daytona Beach concrete sealing company if you are unsure. 

Can I apply a concrete sealer myself?

This depends on how much your time is worth to you! It is possible to seal your driveway yourself but it is not as easy as applying sealers to wood. You need to take special care to make sure that it is applied correctly. The surface should be clean of all oil, dirt, dust, etc. Existing sealers should be stripped. Research what sealer you need based on the look and function you are seeking. Determine if any additives are needed to reduce the slipperiness of the final product. Special care needs to be given to apply the concrete sealer evenly in order to prevent discoloration or bubbling. Sprayers or rollers can be used to apply the first coat. After it dries, a second coat should be applied in the opposite direction. The sealer should be allowed to dry before use. As you can see, applying concrete sealer is more challenging than people usually anticipate. If you decide it is beyond the scope of what you are willing to do or too much of a hassle, then we are happy to do it for you and we can promise it will be applied correctly. 

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