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Concrete patios offer a magnificent touch to any space. There are so many options to attain the distinctive look that you want. Texture, form, and color can all be modified to create a truly customizable look. We have stamps that give the appearance of brick, natural stone, or even wood. Paints or stains can also be applied to give your patio a unique appearance. Concrete slabs will give you a functional patio so you can entertain your friends during summer or have a cozy place to drink coffee or watch the sunset.

You will appreciate the low maintenance of a concrete patio as well. There are no cracks for leaves or direct to fall into. You can simply sweep or blow off the concrete in a matter of minutes. All that is needed is a penetrating or film forming sealer every 2 to 5 years to protect your patio from UV rays, spills, weather, and other stain or erosion causing factors. 


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Factors that Impact Cost of a Concrete Patio

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Shape: Square or rectangular concrete slabs are relatively straightforward in terms of installation. If you are looking to customize your space with curved edges or other unique angles this will likely increase the cost associated with lumber to set the form and the cost to prepare the space.

Thickness: Simply put, the thicker the concrete, the more expensive the materials will be.

Site Preparation: This is an aspect of the cost that most home or building owners overlook. Low costs for site preparation are associated with flat spaces that are easily accessed. The cost increases as accessibility becomes more difficult such is the case when the site is on a slope, or when manual labor is needed to transport concrete materials instead of using machinery.

Demolition or Removal: An existing patio or deck that will require demolition and removal will increase the cost of your project. 

Permits: Local permits are needed for concrete construction. 

DIY or Hire a Professional?

Labor costs are only a small fraction of the total cost of concrete construction. Most of the cost is in the materials and machinery that is necessary for the job. Concrete work requires patience, precision, and experience to obtain an exceptional quality and appearance. Pouring a slab of concrete with rebar or welded steel is challenging for the average homeowner. Upgrading it with stamped concrete patterns, finishes, or stains to give it the curbside appeal that you are looking for is beyond the scope of a DIY project. Your time is better spent elsewhere! Hiring professional concrete contractors is worth the investment. 

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