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Our crew provides a wide range of high quality concrete services for residential and commercial applications serving all of Volusia County. Our services include the installation of concrete patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks,  foundations, foundation repair, parking structures and much more. We specialize in stamped and decorative concrete projects. Whether you need a licensed professional for a new installation or a concrete company to replace or repair your existing material, we are the best fit for your job!

Concrete is an affordable, long-lasting, strong, and appealing building material. It offers many advantages over other construction materials such as wood, brick, or asphalt as you will see when you explore our website. It is a great investment that adds value to your home and stands the test of time by resisting weather erosion. Concrete provides the opportunity for endless customization and requires low maintenance relative to other building materials, so selecting it for your project is a wise choice! 

Not only will you be amazed with the quality of our final product, but you will also appreciate the excellent customer service we provide to our clients. For exceptional concrete installation and repair, look no further than here for the best Daytona concrete professionals. We will deliver the best results for your project.

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Why choose us

We pave the way for professional concrete services in the Daytona Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. We have extensive field experience and we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our community. Our work is 100% satisfaction-guaranteed. 

We take our professionalism as seriously as our workmanship. We are dependable concrete specialists and we pride ourselves on clear communication. The trust we build with our clients is what gives us the edge over our competition. Our contractors are committed to upholding our high standards for customer service. 

Our contractors are licensed and fully insured. The safety of our clients is more important to us than anything else. We abide by current safety standards for the concrete industry. Rest assured that you as the business or home owner are protected from liability if ever an accident occurs. 

We offer competitive pricing and promise to deliver a product and experience that is worth your investment. We are honest upfront about the costs associated with a project. We clearly communicate with our clients when unexpected obstacles arise and present them with all the options and associated costs needed to make the most informed decision. We complete fully customized projects in an affordable and efficient manner. We work with any budget and no job is too big or too small. 

Services We offer

Concrete Patios:  if you are looking to install a new patio or upgrade your existing one, we have the concrete patio experts for the job. Our licensed professionals have the experience and expertise to upgrade any living, work, or recreational space. We construct stamped patios, concrete slab patios, and a plethora of other decorative concrete options. Don’t know where to start? Designing is the most exciting part for us! Contact us today for your free consultation.

Concrete Driveways: concrete is the superior construction material for driveways. Its durable and weather resistant characteristics will stand the test of time. Consider the weight of your vehicles and how frequently you use your driveway. You want the material that is cost effective, low maintenance, and long-lasting, and that is concrete. Plus, we heard that Michael Jordan learned to play basketball on a concrete driveway, although you might want to fact check that one. We only use high quality materials to build a driveway that will make you proud. Contact us today to choose the most dependable Daytona Beach driveway contractors for your job. 

Concrete floors: if you’re looking to install new floors in your building or home then concrete is a sound choice. It is durable and will support everyday use for decades while other materials used for floors will need to be replaced much sooner. It can be designed in many different shapes, textures and sizes so you can fully customize your space. Contact us today so our concrete floor installers can get started on your job. 

Stamped and Decorative Concrete: this is where the magic happens. There are so many features that can be applied to add character to your concrete. We use a variety of techniques to create a truly customized look that none of your neighbors will have. From stamped concrete porches to acid stained floors, we can handle it all.  

stained concrete floors
concrete contractors daytona beach florida

Concrete Sealers: sealers are essential for protecting your investment from sun, water damage, stains, oil, dirt, tire marks, salt, freezing temperatures, and so much more. We offer a wide variety of concrete sealers to prolong the life of your patio, driveway, or floor. Any exterior concrete should be protected with sealer in order to properly maintain and prolong the life of your investment. Sealing interior concrete can help prevent wear and stains. Sealing also makes your concrete easier to clean. 

Concrete Foundation: it is no wonder that the most important part of any structure, the foundation, is usually made from concrete. At Daytona Beach Concrete Contractors, we live by the saying “build it from the foundation.” We have a team of experienced installers that understand the nuances of planning and executing the pouring of a concrete foundation for your building or home.  Not sure if that crack in your existing foundation is normal or something you should be concerned about? Give us a call and  let our foundation repair specialists provide our expertise and honest opinion on repair options for free.  

Repair, Resurfacing, and Restoration: if your existing concrete needs some attention then we can help. Your concrete may show signs of wear, cracks, stains or dirt overtime, especially in heavily used areas like garages, driveways, and floors. If this is the case, then addressing it will properly maintain your product for years to come. Our concrete polishing and restoration techniques are cost effective. We offer several resurfacing options to keep your product looking fresh. You will be amazed with the way our professionals can breathe new life back into your existing concrete.

Residential: concrete is the right choice for the most important investment most people have: their home. It is durable and it adds a magnificent touch to any residential space. We cover all things residential concrete. We install foundations for new homes, concrete slabs for sheds, patios, pool decks, residential concrete floors, walls, driveways, and the list keeps going. We also restore, repair, and maintain existing concrete surfaces. We provide clients with an outstanding experience from start to finish. Contact us today for the best residential concrete contractors in town. 

Commercial: no job is too large for trusted Daytona Beach concrete companies. We possess the experience and knowledge to complete projects that range from commercial buildings to concrete roads and parking structures. Commercial concrete projects need to be done correctly the first time. We take extensive pride in our ability to plan, prepare, and execute the job. 

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frequently asked questions

Is cement the same as concrete? The terms are often used interchangeably but there is a difference between the compounds. Cement is the active ingredient in concrete. It is made from clay, rock, limestone, iron ore, and other mined materials. These materials are heated at very high temperatures in a kiln. The generic name for the cement that is used in most concrete products is portland cement. There are other types of cement that are manufactured to address different chemical or physical conditions in the environment as well. Concrete is ultimately the combination of aggregates such as sand, stone, or gravel that is combined with a paste containing cement and water. The aggregates make up about 75-80% of the concrete mix and the cement mix comprises the remaining volume. The water is what activates the cement to harden or set the concrete.

Are there different types of concrete? Yes, there are four broad categories of concrete including: 

  1. Ready-Mixed Concrete: This is the most common form of concrete. Simply add water and mix it together. Ready-mixed concrete is the form of concrete that is delivered in those revolving drum trucks that all the little kids love. 
  2. Precast Concrete: This is the type of concrete that is used for concrete masonry (building with concrete bricks), pavers, bridges, and other precast (i.e., cast in a factory) structural applications. Precast concrete is great for customizing your construction project because of the breadth of textures, colors, and shapes that are manufactured. 
  3. Advanced Concrete Products: Products such as countertops and roof tiles, which include aggregates beyond those in standard concrete products. 
  4. Related Cement-Based materials: These products are related to concrete in that they share many of the same qualities but are used for different purposes. Products may include terrazzo, tile-grout, mortar and soil-cement. 

Does concrete reduce our carbon footprint? All human-made materials add to the carbon footprint to some extent, but concrete possesses qualities that lessen the impact over time. Concrete structures stand the test of time, and they will not need to be rebuilt prematurely due to wear and tear if they are properly maintained. Concrete is low maintenance leading to less materials being used over time as well as cost savings. The thermal properties of concrete also help to slow down heat loss in the winter months and cooling loss in the summer months. 

How does concrete hold up against extreme weather events? As extreme weather events become more frequent and costly, this is a question on the minds of home and business owners. Concrete is among the best building materials to protect against extreme weather events and most importantly one of the safest construction materials to provide shelter during a storm or disaster. It holds up very well to fire because it is non-combustible, maximizing the time you and your family or coworkers have to get to safety.  

How comfortable will concrete make my living or working space? Concrete is a beautiful material that will upgrade any residential or commercial space. It has been shown to improve air quality and reduce noise transfer by acting as a sound barrier. Have you ever heard of a pest that eats concrete? Nope. Concrete is more difficult for pests to penetrate than wood and other building materials. Concrete also improves energy efficiency and results in more consistent temperatures in your building or home. Decorative design options can create any kind of ambiance you can think of. 

How much do concrete services in Daytona Beach cost? This really depends on the scope and breadth of your project. Obviously, the cost of a concrete foundation is going to differ significantly from the cost of a concrete patio, but the costs can also differ within similar projects depending on all the variables of the project. To give you an idea, the average cost of a concrete patio Daytona Beach typically ranges from $1,800-$3,600. The average cost of a concrete foundation is about $10,000 but has a wide range due to the many factors that are involved.  The average cost of a concrete driveway in Daytona Beach is about $2,500-$6,000. We encourage you to obtain an estimate from more than one concrete company. A word of caution though, if one of your bids is significantly lower than the others, you should ask yourself why. Dealing with the reasons a concrete company is so much cheaper than the others is usually not worth what you will save. Is that company licensed, insured, efficient, experienced? Do they have a full crew? Are they paying enough to retain highly skilled workers? How is their reputation? Sometimes the cost savings aren’t worth the headaches that are created by poor communication, customer service, or quality. We are confident that we will provide competitive pricing and we are certain that we will exceed your expectations.

What is a concrete joint? A joint is a separation that is purposely put into a surface or structure to allow for movement in the concrete. It is also intended to relieve stress from the weight that the concrete is supporting. Ultimately, joints are intended to prevent cracks that can result from weather changes, settlement, and expansion or contraction.  There are many different types of joints that are used depending on the nature of the project.  For example, expansion joints are intended to allow for the expansion of the concrete and are typically used for large concrete slabs. Isolation joints are often placed between sections of a building to prevent cracking due to movement. Control joints are strategically placed to encourage cracking in a predetermined spot of the concrete. There are several other types of joints as well.

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